Subaru Lease Return

Sommer's Subaru in Mequon

Is your Subaru's lease quickly coming to an end? Whether you've leased a new Subaru from us or from another Milwaukee area Subaru dealership, the team here at Sommer's Subaru can help you determine what's the next best course of action, because you've got options. Four lease-end options to be exact. Depending on your budget and driving needs, each of these options offer a number of benefits, but if you don't plan on purchasing your current vehicle, you will need to know how the Subaru lease return process works, more on that below.

Subaru Lease-End Options

Option 1:

Lease a new Subaru car or SUV.

Contact us or visit our dealership to test drive a new Subaru, learn about current lease offers, and arrange the turn-in of your current Subaru.

Option 2:

Buy out or finance your current Subaru.

If you want to purchase your current tried and true Subaru, contact us to request a payoff quote and to learn more about financing options .

Option 3:

Return your leased Subaru and move on.

Check out the lease return steps below to get an idea of what comes next, which includes and inspection, possible repairs, and a final turn-in of your Subaru.

Option 4:

Extend your current Subaru lease.

If you'd like to keep the good times rolling, contact our finance department at Sommer's Subaru to learn more about extending your current Subaru's lease.

Subaru Lease Return Steps

If you choose to return your current lease and either lease a new Subaru or move on altogether, here's what will happen next.

Pre-Return Inspection and Repairs

Before your leased Subaru is ready to be returned, it will need to undergo a pre-inspection to estimate any excess wear or use. To schedule your lease return inspection, simply contact Subaru about six weeks prior to the end of your lease and an inspector will be able to conduct the inspection wherever and whenever it's most convenient for you. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an inspection report that details the vehicle's use and wear. 

If your vehicle is damaged or is in need of any repairs in excess of $1,000, it will be your responsibility when returning your lease. Of course, you can choose to make repairs on your own before returning your lease, but we recommend scheduling a service appointment at our Milwaukee area service center to ensure that they are done correctly!

Returning Your Lease to Sommer's Subaru

Before your lease is due to be returned, contact us to schedule your return. At the arranged time, be sure to remove all of your personal belongings from the vehicle, place the owner's manual in the glove box, and return your vehicle (with both sets of keys) to us. Once you've arrived at our dealer, you will then remove the license plates, which should be returned to the motor vehicle department.

Within a day of returning your lease, we recommend contacting Subaru to let them know that your lease has been returned. That's the final step! Easy, right? 

Learn More at Sommer's Subaru

If you're looking to hear more about the Subaru lease return process and options or you would like to schedule a test drive in what could be your next daily driver turned weekend adventurer, please don't hesitate to contact us online or stop in to pay us a visit here at Sommer's Subaru near Milwaukee.